Welcome to the Ponymon Blue Wiki, the official wiki for the project that aims to bring Pokemon and MLP together! It stays true to the game and to the show, appealing to both fans of Pokemon and fans of My Little Pony both! It edits many maps, it changes the sprites of alll Pokemon, changes the dialogue, and more!
Ponymon Blue Wikia

Currently the wiki is under construction, but you can start by adding a page of your favourite pony, and posting ideas on the talk page of the ideas page. All ideas will be read by the project members, and they may just get implemented into the project!

Want to Help?Edit

Art Streak would love help! If you can sprite or are interested in modding here at the wiki, immediatly contact! You can also edit the wiki, which really helps the project. A list of current and former members of the project can be found on this page: Project Members


Here at Tumblr everyone can ask questions about the project and it's development. All staff members have access to this tumblr, so you can get information about all aspects of Ponymon Blue's development here!



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